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In the land of the fjords there is one special place where you will find the sky, mountains and the sea meeting for a conversation you will never ever forget. Welcome to Sagafjord Hotel in Hjørundfjord, Sunnmøre. The old farming village Sæbø has throughout the last couple of thousands years housed wolves, bears and Vikings. Surrounded by a unique west Norwegian cultural landscape, deep fjords and majestic alpine mountain peaks, we wish to be your home for unique and traditional experiences in Sunnmøre.

The Hotel

Nested between the arms of Sæbø, Sagafjord Hotel will be your welcoming port to the unique intersection of the old and modern culture of the west coast of Norway, which, like the fjords and the mountains, was carved by the Glaciers of yore.

  • We can offer 35 cosy rooms and a private marina, in addition to a charming yard house with 6 beds and its own kitchen.
  • The hotel offers two spacious conference rooms, with all modern features, and a traditional 200 years old school building for groups up to 22 people.
  • The restaurant can host a party of 90 people. We would love to get in touch with you to tailor your Norwegian fairy tale by the fjord.
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  • Øyragata 8
  • 6165 SÆBØ
+47 70 04 95 00


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