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What makes St. Svithun a different hotel in Stavanger is that they see service and care as equally important. Not the words themselves but the feeling they give their guests - the feeling of being taken care of, of being welcomed.

St. Svithun - Stavanger's patron saint

Stavanger's patron saint St. Svithun lived in the ninth century. He was known for his humility, charity and his good heart for the needy. St. Svithun is traditionally a saint to turn to avoid drought. It was said that the weather on his feast day, July 15, would dictate the weather for the next forty days.

St. Svithun lights up everyday life

With its typical wet southwestern weather, Stavanger is rarely exposed to drought. In that sense, you can say that the saint takes good care of his city; Rain showers occur, but when the clouds give way here in the region, it's easy to get carried away by the ever-changing lights. At St. Svithun Hotel, it is therefore all about the light in all its sense. Rain showers can occur in life as well. Light represents joy and security. And hope. These are values they find important when running the hotel. They wish to make everyday life a little brighter for their guests.

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  • Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsens gate 8
  • 4011 Stavanger
51 51 26 00


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