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The green and inviting area around Stakken holds a special appeal for fishing enthusiasts and berry pickers. It's no wonder people used this area 9000 years ago! Both Stakkavatet and the other lakes nearby offer plenty of fish. And if you're lucky, you can complement your dinner with blueberries and cloudberries.

You can combine the trip to Stakken with a visit to the new cabin in Viglesdalen. Stakken is the next tourist cabin stop after Viglesdalen. A shorter route to this cabin starts from Nilsebudammen. Stakken is also part of the historic hiking route, Driftavegen, which goes from Nes to Viglesdalen, then to Stakken, and finally to Nilsebu.

Stakken has a long tradition as an accommodation spot for mountain hikers. As early as 1911, there was a very simple cabin here. In 1995, the new tourist cabin was built on a hill near Stakkavatnet. Stakken is a self-service cabin with a food storage and is accessible throughout the year.


  • Stavanger Turistforening
+47 51 84 02 00

Where is Stakken in Hjelmeland?