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Are you looking for a memorable and special experience? The accommodation at Svanøy Hovudgård might be perfect for you. You will be able to relax, feel the history around you, and eat locally produced food from the area. 

Feel at home in the many living rooms in the distinguished building. Just like the historical nobles and haugians, you can enjoy your food while looking at the handmade wallpaper and the pretty view of the garden and the bay. Hovedgården has a beautiful setting looking over the Svanøy bay and Brufjorden. Svanøy has been a place to gather and a centre on the coast ever since the Viking Age. Hovedgården has been a home of nobles and a bishop estate. The Haugian movement built the current version of main house.  Svanøy Hovedgård has 11 rooms to sleep in. There is a breakfast buffet, and you can order a three course meal to enjoy in the evening. You can also request a lunch. 


Simultaneously as you enjoy the beautiful nature, you can also walk in Eirik Blodøks' footsteps and learn about the noble's estate and the haugians. The sky is the limit when it comes to activities on Svanøy, and there are many pathways to mountains and along the water as well as small coves, great conditions for biking and the surrounding ocean to explore if you visit. 

We welcome you to a grand experience! If you want to visit this year we advise you to book your stay as soon as possible. 



    • 6914 Svanøybukt


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