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We early came up with the idea of building treehouses that would be made available by rental. The treehouses were imagined to be situated around the most spectacular areas of the forest.

As mentioned, we have located the most spectacular areas in Amla, highly considering the view of the incredible Sognefjord (unesco world heritage list).

Additionally, when deciding upon the placement of the treehouses, we kept the idea of a complete wilderness adventure in mind. Therefore, it is of great importance to us to maintain the natural wildlife at and around the treehouses, while being able to incorporate it into the total experience.

Further, the construction and operation of the treehouses will be administered with the goal of supporting sustainable tourism. We aspire to execute the project as environmentally friendly as possible.

Autumn/winter 2013/14, a couple of family members went together and founded the corporation "Alfheim Skog & Jakt AS" with the purpose of buying and operating a part of the forest located in Amla, Kaupanger.

As a result, Ramnereiret AS – The Raven's Nest AS – was founded May 2017 and will be in charge of booking services and daily operation of the treehouses.

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  • Amla Nedre 7
  • 6854 Kaupanger


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Where is The Raven’s Nest, Kaupanger?