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Experience a serene Nordmøre night sleeping in a hammock under the starlit sky. TustnaLadestasjon means Tustnacharging station and this charging station is for body and soul!

Hammocks, dinner, and nature adventure

The hammocks hang in a circle, with a fireplace in the middle. Here, you can get bubbles in your glass, a 3-course dinner, breakfast, and a raw nature experience.

After a tasteful dinner, you can enjoy the sea air and sleep in the extra comfortable hammocks, each with a breezy mattress, a separate mosquito net, and light. The sleeping area can easily be converted into an armchair, to enjoy the community around the fire.

Practical information

  • Time: From June to September
  • Location: TustnaLadestation
  • For a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 people
  • Price: Overnight stay, dinner, and breakfast NOK 1890,- per person

Welcoming tour and training on the hammocks from 5:00 PM. The hammocks are equipped with an integrated air mattress and mosquito net. A canvas roof is protecting the hammocks, but in bad weather you have access to a bed in a boathouse or cabin.

Tustna Ladestation provides duvets, pillows, blankets, slippers, light, and wood for the fire. A bathroom with a shower, toilet, and towels is available nearby. All you need to bring is your good mood and warm clothes.

About Tustna Ladestation

On the island of Tustna, just when the narrow road has taken you on so many winding turns that you think you are lost, you will find a beautiful beach area used for recreation since the dawn of time. Here, you will find Tustna Ladestation. If you come here looking for a little extra mph for your electric car, you will need to drive further – this charging station is for your body and soul. Tustna Ladestation offers digital-free surroundings with experiences touching your senses.

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  • Halsnesvegen 672
  • 6590 Tustna
+47 922 89 016


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Where is Tustna Ladestation - Hammock Hotel?