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Austevoll, with its 667 large and small islands, is known for its fish, aquaculture and the nature along its coast. Lots of people have probably heard of Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri guesthouse and the guest harbour – and not without good reason.

Austevoll’s many large and small islands are perfect for island hopping. There are bridges between many of the large islands, where most of Austevoll’s inhabitants live. The landscape is undulating with the highest point being Loddo mountain at 243.5 metres. There are several hiking trails up Loddo, which boasts a lookout tower and the Adlesi day-trip cabin.

Being so close to the sea means you can enjoy local, fresh and world-class culinary experiences. This is also the realm of wild sheep, which roam right next to the ocean where the seafood delicacies are sourced.

Skansen is to the north of Austevoll, at the ocean's edge. It’s awesome to watch the sunset from Skansen, and you can also see out to Marstein lighthouse. The lighthouse is automated and no longer manned, but can still be booked as accommodation, or for parties and conferences with a spectacular backdrop.

Austevoll’s municipal centre is Storebø.

This large island municipality may not be on the mainland, but it is easily accessed on foot or by car or bike. Ferries and express boats make it easy to get to Austevoll from Bergen and the surrounding municipalities.

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