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Tysnes is in Sunnhordland municipality in Vestland county. The island municipality is situated between the Langenuen strait to the west, the Bjørnafjord to the north, Lukksund strait to the east and Huglo island to the south. Its administrative centre is Uggdal.

In the Middle Ages, Tysnes island was known as Njardarlog, meaning Njord's dominion. Njord was the god of hunting, fishing and seafaring, found in abundance on Tysnes.

There is a range of attractions on Tysnes, including Tysnessåta mountain, the old trading post of Årbakka, the Ånuglo recreational area, the lime kiln at Flakka and a farm cluster, built in a row, dating from 1599.

Delicious food and magical moments

There are many places on Tysnes to enjoy delicious food and enjoy magical experiences. Myrdal Gård farm produces award-winning cheeses and is situated on the road that leads to Tysnessåta mountain. Haaheim Gaard promises magical moments, whether you’re spending the night in divine surroundings, enjoying a meal, sampling local produce, or attending one of the cultural events held throughout the year. There’s a museum in Uggdal and a village shop that sells hand-made chocolates.
The Mandelhuset restaurant is right on the water’s edge in Våge, the main shopping area on Tysnes.You can enjoy great culinary experiences and cultural events in Våge, and it has one of the most beautiful guest harbours on Tysnes.


Tysnesfest, the festival by the sea, is held each summer on Tysnes. World-famous artists perform along with local stars at the family-friendly festival each July.

Getting to Tysnes is easy. Take either the ferry from Halhjem to Våge, or the ferry from Jektevik to Hodnanes. You can also drive to Tysnes from Kvinnherad, via the bridge over Lukksund strait.

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