Nice walking trail from Bekkjarvik (Selbjørn school) to Kongsfjellet. Appr 1,8 km.

Location Bekkjarvik, Austevoll. Map Please see Start and stopping point Bekkjarvik. Parking At designated areas(P) in Bekkjarvik. Marking The route is marked the whole way. Grading Green Easy hike, one boot according to the DNT system.


1,8 km. Tour description

You can arrive at Bekkjarvik by boat or by car. If you arrive by car, you can park at the designated areas(P) in Bekkjarvik. Follow "N" marked trail up via "Rosehagen", the rose garden to the school and sports arena. From here you take off to the left and continue through "Alvamyra" housing estate until you see a gravel road on your right. Follow this gravel road to Kongskleiva. Here you will find a marked trail i variedly rising terrain. If you look up, you might see the sea eagle playing in the wind. The area is also known for wild sheep. When you reach the top, you can stop by the small cabin and register in the book.



  • Bekkjarvik
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Where is Kongsen trail in Bekkjarvik?