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Bokn and Boknafjellet mountain

Bokn promises incredible nature experiences and the distinctive mountaintop in Vestre Bokn has been a recognisable feature by which seafarers navigate. Climbing Boknafjellet mountain, at 294 m.a.s.l, is a magnificent nature experience, offering views over the entire region. There are the remains of large burial mounds from the Bronze Age, reminding us that Bokn has been an important place along the coast throughout the ages. Bokn is known for its excellent trout-fishing lakes and long coastline with many good spots for sea fishing. Discover its idyllic and untouched gems by cycling across the islands. For bathing we recommend the Ognahabn outdoor recreational area, where there are jetties and good anchorage points for small boats.

Bokn is a hub

Bokn links Haugalandet to the Stavanger region. You can take a ferry from Arsvågen to Mortavika, Stavanger.

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