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The mountains drop precipitously into the almost two-mile-long Eikesdalsvatnet in wild and beautiful Eikesdalen. This long lake is only 26 meters above sea level, while the surrounding mountains rise 1,700-1,800 meters straight up from the water. Along the shores, however, a veritable luxuriance of plants and trees, worthy of far more southerly latitudes, clings to its hold. The hazel woods are to be the largest in Europe. An inland climate means that it is often here that you will find the finest weather in the region!


Mardalsfossen plunges 297 meters into Eikesdalen and is the world's 4th highest free fall (the entire waterfall is 655 m). The waterfall is an impressive sight during the water flow season, which is from 20 June - 20 August each year.


Eikesdalen is also one of the starting points to the wonderful Aursjøvegen. Take the trip up Finnsetlia and Aursjødammen, and get an experience out of the ordinary. The road goes steeply up the hill, and you can enjoy a new view of Eikesdalen as you drive up. Also, remember to take the time to stop at Aurstaupet, witch has a spectacular view.

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