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Himakånå means, roughly translated, stay-at-home wife. The name derives, as for other rock formations in Norway, from sagas about trolls. If you are familiar with the stories about Norwegian trolls, you’ll know they have a tendency to turn into stone. There are numerous tales about Himakånå, but they all end in her, for various reasons, being turned into stone and becoming the rock formation.

To get to Himakånå with your own car, follow E134 to Grinde and road 515 to Hinderåvåg. Parking and payment information can be found here.

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Inspiration for Himakånå and Nedstrand

Find inspiration here to help you plan your visit to Nedstrand and the walk to Himakånå. We have gathered some articles together here written by people who know Himakånå well.

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