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Stord’s connections to the mainland

The island of Stord is in the middle of Sunnhordland and can be reached by road via Bømlo and Haugalandet/Haugesund, via the Triangle Link. There is a ferry to Halhjem from the north of the island. It takes about two hours to get to Stord from Bergen, using the express boat, or by car and ferry.

An inhabitant of Stord is called a stordabu. The administrative centre of Stord is Leirvik, although a stordabu would call it Vikjo. The sculpture Storddøra (Gateway to Stord) can also be found in Leirvik. There are places to shop, eat and enjoy some culture in Leirvik and Heiane, and boaters like to use the guest harbours at Leirvik and Sagvåg. There is also a guest harbour on the island of Huglo, which is also part of Stord.

Stord has several hotels, campsites and treetop cabins. The island of Stord is known for the mines at Litlabø, which had important historic significance in the island’s development.

Walks on Stord including to Stovegolvet mountain

Mehammarsåta mountain, in the centre of the island, towers 749 metres above sea level and is the highest point on Stord. Stovegolvet mountain (literally ‘the living room floor’ mountain) extends 703 metres above sea level, and the views from these mountains are magnificent. There are many amazing hiking trails in Stord, both in the mountains and along the coast.

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