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The houses in Undredal are close together and are best known for white and brown goat cheese, as well as the smallest stave church in Scandinavia. Undredal Stave Church was built around 1147 and was mentioned in a church letter for the first gond around 1320.

Experience Undredal offers a visit to the Eldhuset exhibition center, where you can find exhibitions about cheese making and the ripening process of cheese. Undredalsbui, which is the local shop, sells white and brown goat cheese, goat sausages, souvenirs and groceries. Experience Undredal offers accommodation at Undredal Camping and in apartments.

Undredal Stølsysteri is the first goat cheese dairy in Norway with full authorization for the production and sale of white and brown goat cheese throughout Europe.

FjordSafari Norway offers daily trips with RIB to Undredal from Flåm for cheese tasting and storytelling.

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