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In Fjord Norway, adventure is around every corner. Hiking or skiing with a fjord view, exciting guided glacier hikes, or relaxing fjord cruises and cultural experiences where you get to experience the best of Norwegian nature and culture.

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The region has 3 international airports. In addition, there is a network of smaller airports connecting the region. The region has also got a well-developed network of public transport, that makes it easier for travelers to choose sustainable alternatives when travelling around.

Interesting Fjord Cities to discover

The cities in Fjord Norway reflect the personality of the people who live there. They are shaped by the landscape, the ocean, the cultural landscape and mountains.

In Fjord Norway, nature is part of the cities, and the cities are part of nature. Large, yet small communities with the fjords and coast right on their doorstep.
A long seafaring, fishing and trading history has made its mark on the cities, but they are also characterized by modern technology and forward-looking industries. Their rich cultural life is inspired by local traditions and impulses from the outside world.
Hospitality, a rich history and exciting experiences are common denominators for all of them – and nature is right on their doorstep.

“Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund are home to international airports, with a wide range of routes connecting the region to the rest of the world.”


Stavanger is known for street art, great local food and 3 Michelin stars, culture and proximity to mesmerizing nature attractions such as Preikestolen, the Lysefjord, Kjerag, Flørli, Flor & Fjære as well as a myriad of islands and beaches near Stavanger.


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Bergen - A World Heritage City!

Bergen is the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway. As a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture, the Bergen region has the ideal combination of nature, culture and exciting urban life all year around.

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Ålesund - the Art Nouveau town

Ålesund is the Art Nouveau town out at the ocean’s edge. This architectural gem, known as Norway’s Venice, is situated out at the ocean’s edge with easy access to fjords, mountains, and urban experiences.

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Fjord Norway – a destination for culture and music

Norwegian history began in Fjord Norway. Early migrants followed retreating glaciers north after the last Ice Age ended. The Viking Age dawned just before the 9th century. Norwegians set out from the fjords in iconic wooden longships to trade, raid and settle across a wide swath of Europe … and even America. Fjord Norway is also home to many of the country’s 28 surviving stave churches. These intricate wooden houses of worship, built between the 12th and 14th centuries, are elaborate mixes of Christian and pagan symbolism.

Today the Fjord Norway region is home to many well know artists along both classical music and pop music like Kygo and Sigrid. The region host several music festivals – making it an interesting place to travel to for music and art lovers. You can discover interesting museums and art galleries, and you will find interesting architecture in the cities and along the routes, like the Norwegian scenic routes.

Fjord Norway – an adventure destination

Fjord Norway is best experienced in nature: go hiking in the mountains, do a ski tour or hit the slopes, and kayak the fjords and coast. It’s no wonder spending a lot of time in the great outdoors comes natural to Norwegians. We even have a word for it: “friluftsliv.”

Friluftsliv, or “open-air living,” is the idea that activity out in nature is revitalizing and energizing for body, mind and soul.

Seasons in the Fjord Norway region

Norway’s changing seasons create different atmospheres and exciting opportunities to experience different aspects of nature and culture in Fjord Norway.

The four seasons do not only have a bearing on nature, but also on the people who live here. Over time, the seasons have moulded the culture and the way of life in the region. And for visitors to Fjord Norway, the area offers a wide range of experiences that vary with the seasons.

“The seasons have their unique colours and sights and seem to blend into each other – some days it seems we experience all four in a single day!”

Summer is the time when most visitors come to the Fjord Norway region – and understandable since the stunning nature, long summernights and warm summerdays are perfect for exploring the region.

Spring and autumn are perfect times to travel to Fjord Norway. The climate is mild and in May and September it is normally dry and quite warm. The attractions and sights are open and there are fewer tourists in the region. In spring you can discover the change of season where nature transforms and there are so many impressions for the senses – the contrasts, the colours, the fresh air, fruitblossom in the fjords and festivals in the cities.

Autum is calmer – it nature transforms and get ready for winter, the air is crisp, the colours are changing and you in the fjords apples are ready to be harvested. Autum is a perfect time for hiking.

Winter in the fjords is of course skiing and snow, but there is so much more. Culture – like music and art you find in the fjord cities. In the fjords take part in everyday life, enjoy nature and join some guided activities. Experience the contrasts of a day out in the fresh winter air – and the comfort by the fire after a day out.

About Fjord Norway

Fjord Norway is the official tourist board of Western Norway. In cooperation with the local destination companies, we do international marketing for the Fjord Norway region.

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