Christmas at the Edge of Norway™

Go on a short break to the Stavanger region before Christmas! Christmas markets, Christmas concerts and all the other fun things you can fill the period before Christmas with.

Julebyen Egersund|© Arne Ove Østebrøt

On the edge of Norway, the Stavanger region gets into the Christmas spirit with a magical atmosphere that captures the essence of the upcoming festive season.

Ornated streets and Christmas markets

The picturesque streets and marketplaces are decorated with dazzling Christmas lights and the scent of mulled wine and gingerbread fills the air.

Local Christmas markets invite visitors to explore craft stalls filled with unique gifts and sample traditional Norwegian Christmas food. The atmosphere is enhanced by the sounds of Christmas concerts and choirs spreading joy and harmony. Whether strolling along the city park in Stavanger, at Vinterland in Sandnes or the Christmas town of Egersund, the Christmas experience is characterised by warmth, community and the unique charm that this corner of Norway has to offer.

Christmas markets and Christmas in Kongeparken amusement park

More Christmas markets and family fun before Christmas

Christmas fun for the entire family

Classical Christmas shows and concerts

Christmas shopping in the Stavanger region

Welcome to Christmas shopping in the Stavanger region, where the magic of Christmas merges with the charming atmosphere of this beautiful part of Norway.

Everything from traditional Christmas gifts to modern treasures

Stavanger, Sandnes, Bryne, Egersund and towns throughout the region create the perfect setting for a unique Christmas shopping experience. Shop windows sparkle with festive decorations. Explore local craft shops and exclusive boutiques offering everything from traditional Christmas gifts to modern treasures.

Savour Christmas flavours and create memorable moments

As well as shopping, enjoy delicious flavours from local food markets and take part in Christmas events that create a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Discover the joy of Christmas in the Stavanger region and create memorable moments as you explore the vibrant Christmas offerings.

Go by train or bus to the Christmas markets!

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