At Vollasetra you will find Sunndal's answer to the ikonic Preikestolen; Ekkertinden (1189 masl). Other popular mountain hikes are Graslitinden (1522 masl) and Kråkvasstinden, Sandåhøa, (1700 masl). Vollasetra is located above Vollan Farm in Sunndal and the buildings dates back to the 1860s. Restoration of the buildings started in 1996 and the facility was opened to mountain hikers the same year. Setra was officially opened in September 2000 and today it consists of four houses: Selet, Eldhuset, Øyabua and Fjøset.

Selet has two bedrooms with three double beds. The original beds had to be extended 30 cm (to 190 cm) to accommodate today's hikers. The living room contains original furniture and an oven that it used for cooking.

The firehouse was used for cooking and cheese production, and it was a warehouse for butter and cheese that had not yet been carried down to the farm. Eldhuset still contains the iron pot in which cheese was cooked, as well as the beautiful oven that gave light to the work. The house has double thick walls, which gives a stable temperature both summer and winter. There are two double beds and two single beds in the bedroom.

Øyabua is the last house built on Vollasetra. The hut was used for a short period from the 1870s, as a farm hut for the homestead Volløyan. Later, it was used sporadically by the Sami until the 1920s. Øyabua has a double bed and a single bed. With its beautiful views and romantic feel, Øyabua is Vollasetra's "suite" where it is easy to find rest and peace.

The barn at Vollasetra housed 12 cows and six goats and it has now been restored with a new roof and floor. The barn is in original state, thus with the possibility of flatbed accommodation when needed.


You can get to Vollasetra from three directions:

From Vollan farm you will find the marked path along the old farm path. The walk takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The hiking route is somewhat steep, but you gain the height quickly and the terrain is lush. Bring plenty of drinks on the trip, as there are no open streams along the hiking trail.

From Storlidalen (Bårdsgården) there is an old, partially marked path over Svartdalskollen and down through Volladalen. The old markings are still visible from the foot of Svartdalskollen, above 1515 masl and down through Volladalen.

From Liabø there is an unmarked path up to Liabøsetra and further up to Volladalen, past Langbakksetra to Vollasetra.

Practical information

Total number of beds: 11 The cottage is self-catering and open all year round. Fishing licenses for the area can be purchased at Vollan Farm.


  • 6613 Gjøra
71 67 69 37

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