Nothing tastes quite like handmade chocolate with a good cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans. Especially when you deserve a break.

If you would like something else to drink, we also serve home-made hot chocolate with dark, white or light raw chocolate. You could try our chocomania, a warm blend of all three chocolate types. Or maybe you would prefer an extra shot of chilli in the hot chocolate?

Our café is the first in Geiranger to have its own confectioner. We make cakes, waffles and other treats that we hope you will come to enjoy. How about some biscotti, chocolate cheese cake, brownies or chocolate biscuits?

If you prefer ice cream, we sell the quality Norwegian ice cream Kulinaris, inspired by Italian ice cream and manufactured in Kolbotn (

Enjoy our richly-flavoured chocolate with a dark roast coffee from Zoegas!


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  • Holenaustet
  • 6216 GEIRANGER
96 72 52 05

Where is Geiranger Sjokolade - Café & catering?