Cabins Brekkebua and Høyloftet are located on the same farm at Obrestad. Brekkebua is a restored farm store house with an added extension, and Høyloftet is a rebuilt part of the barn on the farm. Both cabins have a magnificent view of the ocean and Obrestad harbour. Even though the cabins are located on the farm, you will find that they are secluded from the people living on the farm. Drive to the back of the barn to reach the parking for the cabins. Høyloftet can also accommodate for large events of up to 20-25 people. There are possibilites of extra tables and chairs (make arrangements in advance with the establishment for events). If you are several people who need accommodation, you could easily rent both cabins. It is also possible to combine rental with other cabins located at Obrestad, they are within walking distance. Brekkebua and Høyloftet have WIFI, and TV cable solution. 2 fishing licenses to fish in river Håelva can be rented here. You can fish between Obrestad and Vigre, a stretch of around 2 km.


  • Håvegen, Obrestad
  • 4365 NÆRBØ
969 46 332



Where is Obrestad Hytteutleie, Brekkebua?