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As if Sabi Omakase was not enough, Roger Roger Asakil Joya and his team have struck again with a restaurant that is worth travelling to Stavanger for in itself. Roger expands the incredible Omakase experience he has created in Pedersgata. Maybe because it's always full there. At the same time, there is room for both sushi take-away and robatagrill - very much on par with the authentic experience in Japan. You get food for all budgets. Great art on the walls and a great bar. A must in other words. ENSO offers a unique four in one meal and drink experience.

The food journey never ends

Sabi ENSO is the new love child of Michelin-starred chef Roger Asakil Joya. In 2011, Roger was one of the founders of Sabi Sushi, which eventually developed high-quality sushi for the entire county of Rogaland, and in 2015, it culminated in him having his dream come true by being able to open an authentic sushi restaurant, Sabi Omakase. His vision, along with love and talent for field, earned him a Michelin star for Sabi Omakase.

From here, Roger's food journey only continues with the ENSO restaurant, which provides a dining experience developed and fine-tuned over several years. Something he has acquired by travelling while searching for new flavour combinations and by working with some of the best chefs in the field. Roger Asakil Joya is actually one of the few sushi chefs in Norway that is accredited by AJSA; All Japan Sushi Association.

It's all about the products

Roger spends much of his time out of the kitchen working with local fishermen and divers. He is looking for fresh products that are both regional and international. By using only the very best, ethically-sourced ingredients, he can guarantee the very best dining experience. Roger says it well himself: "I see my work as a delicate art form; however I endeavour to keep the attention on the flavours by keeping the presentation as pure and simplistic as possible". ​​​​​


Is your new park view hangout. You are welcome to enjoy freshly brewed coffee, local refreshments, seasonal drinks, crafted cocktails and of course selected sushi dishes and snacks. If the weather is nice, there is also seatings outside.

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  • Haakon VIIs gate 7
  • 4005 STAVANGER
+47 940 00 357


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