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Jostedalsbreen glacier is the larges glacier on the European mainland and it covers 500 square kilometers. The gigantic mass of ice covers mountain tops as well as deep valleys, and its mighty arms of blue ice reaches down towards the Sognefjord.

Departure from: Sogndal bus station

Price: 195,-

Sogndal Skysstasjon        08:35 

Galden                                08:51

Solvorn Ferjekai                08:35

Galden                                08:40

Hafslo                                 08:55

Marifjøra Kryss                  09:10 

Gaupne                               09:15

Jostedal                              09:45

Breheimsenteret                09:55

Nigardsbreen                     10:05

Where is Sogndal - Nigardsbreen Glacier one way?