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Lets tell you about the "1995 schnitzel revolt". "Kroå schnitzel" was on the menu already when the restaurant opened in 1986. The schnitzel was well-liked, like the other dishes the restaurant served. How well-liked, however, the restaurant had no idea. When they removed the schnitzel from the menu in 1995, it was not long before the protests came - from guests who not only liked it but who loved it and demanded its return. Today, it is on the menu as the "Hotel special" - a delicious, homemade, stuffed schnitzel with cheese, ham and ravigotte sauce, served with peas bonne femme.

Real, homemade food

This little story tells you something important; the restaurant listens to its guests, and the kitchen staff know what they are doing. The chef has been there for well over 20 years, and together with his colleagues, he conjures up the most delicious flavours. The hotel's pleasant restaurant, Heldigvis, is widely known for its good cuisine. Chefs with professional pride make the food from scratch. You can taste that their food is actually homemade. They also have a fully licensed, stylish bar with lots of charm with seating for 50 people. You can organise events and live music here. The restaurant has an à la carte menu - a varied and exciting menu - something for everyone's palate. The kitchen comes weekly with a new recommendation in order to use the best and freshest ingredients at all times. The restaurant takes into account allergies and other needs, you will eat good food regardless of the ingredients!

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  • Bryne Kro & Hotell, Morenefaret 3
  • 4340 Bryne
+47 51 77 75 00


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