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© Mattias Fredriksson
Day trips in Åndalsnes


One of the area's most popular tours is the mountain edge called Romsdalseggen. A longer hike from Venjedalen to Åndalsnes over an airy mountain section with fantastic views. It's no wonder that many people want to experience Romsdalseggen!


Very active

8 hours


The Romsdalseggen bus

This hike starts from the mountain pasture Venjedalssetra and ends in the centre of Åndalsnes. You get the easiest access by taking the Romsdalseggen bus from Åndalsnes to Venjedalssetra. From there, you walk over the mountain edge and back towards Åndalsnes.

© Chris Holter/Visit Norhwest

Hike over Romsdalseggen

Romsdalseggen runs through a dramatic landscape with many highlights along the way. Along the edge, you will experience the majestic Trollveggen view, surrounded by several well-known mountain classics. Actually, Romsdalseggen is placed in the middle of the world's most spectacular scenery. The trip is 10 km long, with an ascent of 970 metres. Normally, it will take you around 7-8 hours from Venjedalen back to Åndalsnes. Romsdalseggen is a top attraction in Åndalsnes and the season for this mountain tour lasts from June to September. The trip is demanding and requires you to be well prepared, in good shape and have the right equipment.

© ChrisHolter/VisitNorthwest

The mountain meeting point

Nesaksla is your last stop on the Romsdalseggen before the descent. This mountain is the starting point for many trips. You can go here on foot from the centre, climb the Ferrata route or travel by gondola. Many people visit Nesaksla just for the view – if you feel for it, you may also have a bite!

© Sven-Erik Knoff

Eggen restaurant

At Eggen Restaurant, you are welcome whether you come in a tuxedo or climbing gear. Common to all visitors is the desire to consume food and drinks in absolutely incredible surroundings. You will be offered an à la carte menu, combining traditional and seasonal local produce from the region in a new, Nordic way. In summer, there is a separate outdoor BBQ kitchen serving tasty food straight from the grill.

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The Romsdalen gondola

If your knees are tired, you can choose to take the Romsdal gondola down from Nesaksla to the centre of Åndalsnes. The trip down from the mountain takes only five minutes.

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Rampestreken viewpoint

If you still have energy in your body after a long walk and a delicious dinner, you can take the stairs and descend the path down to Åndalsnes centre. A stop on the ramp Rampestreken provides the last leg of the trip with an extra experience. Standing on the ramp, you get the feeling of floating above Åndalsnes and the fjord far below. Rampestreken is a 15-20 minutes’ walk down from Nesaksla mountain.

© Matti Bernitz