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Sleep in style

The luxurious hotel, Eilert Smith Hotel, is not only a place to sleep. It's almost worth the trip alone. A hidden gem tucked between Stavanger's old wooden houses and modern buildings. All 11 rooms offer high-quality products, comfort and exceptional service. The building was originally designed by architect Eilert Smith and was built in 1937. The impressive building is a prime example of Norwegian functionalist architecture. Functionalism's heyday in Stavanger in the late 1930s was characterised by optimism and economic growth. You can still see several design features typical for this period preserved in the building today. Because of the building’s distinct architecture, each room is uniquely shaped and individually designed. Leaving the room is almost too comfortable... but don't forget - you also have sights to see!

Sleep in style


The best of two worlds - be one with nature, but do it in comfort! At Lilland Brewing Hotel, you can experience this lovely combination of luxury yet closeness to nature.

Fjord, mountains, starry sky - and you

At the Lysefjord, there is a quite unusual accommodation with an outstanding design and a panoramic view of one of Norway's most spectacular fjords. The Bolder managed to become world-renowned in a short time and visiting guests virtually queue up to secure a few nights in the design cabins which almost hang in airy suspension over the fjord. You can choose between Starlodges and Skylodges, both cabin types are of a high standard, and you will not lack anything in terms of comfort. And the view - it's iconic!

Cruising elegance

See the sights from a private cruise. Both Private Cruise and Lysetur offer comfortable trips on stylish yachts. With nice and knowledgeable captains who ensure a personal touch on the experience. The tours are of course tailored to your expectations.

Helicopter sightseeing

If you want to see as much as possible in one go, a helicopter tour could be a fantastic option. Also, it's a completely cool experience to see everything from a bird's eye perspective. Not to mention a good opportunity for photo snapping! You could also combine helicopter tours with yacht cruises.

Veteran ship for the day?

Are you really in to the classics, the veteran ship MS Sandnes can be yours for the day, for the night or even go on a small cruise. The ship offers accommodation and can tailormake any event for you - all in traditional style.


Stavanger has MICHELIN-stars restaurants; if you are lucky enough to try them, you'll understand why! On the one hand, the exclusive RE-NAA invites you to relax and lean back and receive relaxed elegance, and friendly service with a low threshold, but high-quality food! On the other hand, Sabi Omakase is arguably Norway's most exclusive sushi restaurant. In the restaurant, there is room for 10 guests. You sit around the bar and watch sushi master Asakil Joya stock sushi in a frenzy. Guests are served the best ingredients the sushi master has obtained at any time. Sushi is served in a way not previously done in Norway.

MICHELIN stars restaurants and distinctions

The drinks are on you!

Urge for some bubbles and a light meal? What about a champagne lunch or a traditional Afternoon tea? Or try out the local brew at a private brewery tour at Lervig.

Let someone else do the organising

Guidecompaniet is highly experienced in organising bespoke tours for our guests. You can trust them to put together the best programme for you while you are here! Whatever your needs are, they can deliver. Lost in Norway is similarly interested in making your stay as effortless as possible, and can take your needs and deliver a tailormade experience with all your wishes obtained.


Fantastic nature experiences combined with all the pampering you want. The Sola Strand Spa is unique in its beachside location combined with spa treatments. Give yourself this extra energy boost, and let someone take care of you for an hour or two. Several types of treatments are available.

Private hiking tours

Eager to go hiking in Norwegian nature, but you need some exclusive tips? Why don't you go with a premium nature guide - they can organise hikes to famous sites or to more secluded places, but equally impressive! Book your nature guide today! Sightseeing tours with guide.