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In terms of food, it is mostly about Rogaland and the products available here. Re-Naa creates innovative dishes with good flavours that represent the region and country.


In 2016, RE-NAA is the first restaurant outside of Oslo to achieve a Michelin star in the Scandinavian Michelin Guide. The star has been maintained ever since, and in 2020, RE-NAA achieved another star and is the only restaurant in Norway with two stars in the Scandinavian Michelin Guide. The two stars were retained also in 2021. 

The chef's playpen

Sven Erik Renaa has created a restaurant concept for 22 guests in the Eilert Smith Hotel. The intimate room is to be the Chef's own playground, where you may book a table and participate in a culinary evening performance. Chefs and guests will interact, and the chefs will bring the food to your table themselves.

Real and natural products along with humour and energy "The meal will arise from the soul of Rogaland, with a dash of Trøndelag comedy, a bucket full of experience and the best of local produce, smiles Renaa. Most importantly, we do it our way - with a keen eye for culinary development, and built on the curiosity we all carry inside. This will be my little "studio" where I can work even closer with our best suppliers, and create innovative dishes with real taste, representing our landscape - in particular our agriculture and fishing traditions. This will be a produce-centred kitchen, where techniques will be used only to improve the food, not to masque it.

The focus is on real ingredients, seafood, vegetables, fruits and herbs, we'll also use meat but it may have to play the second violin once in a while. Real and natural are two keywords! As well as humour and energy. RE-NAA will offer relaxed elegance, and friendly service with a low threshold, but high quality. A place for our guests to relax and lean back", explains Renaa.

Awarded, Norwegian top chef

Sven Erik Renaa is a prize-winning Norwegian top chef, who has been the chef of the year twice, the sous-chef of the year and manager of several years for the Norwegian national team of chefs, who under his guidance won the Olympics in Erfurt in 2008. Sven Erik Renaa has also published several acclaimed cookbooks. 

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  • Nordbøgata 8
  • 4006 Stavanger
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