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Sandøy, Aukra and Midsund – each of them an exciting place – together form an archipelago. Our challenge to you as our guest is simple; Take your time. We would like you to experience all the treasures that for a long time have inspired the people living here.

The roads to the archipelago of Romsdal are many, but what they all have in common is that you will have to cross the sea. The ferries transporting you to the islands are an experience in themselves and will give you a taste of what awaits you. Lower your expectations, relax, and be amazed by nature.

Experiences in the archipelago

Discover the islands from a bike seat, walk a Sherpa-built staircase up to one of Misund’s many peaks, take a refreshing bath at a chalk-white beach, or experience the tranquillity of the fishing village Ona. The choice is yours!

Explore the fishing village Ona

Ona is Norway’s southernmost existing fishing villages, and a natural highlight when visiting the archipelago of Romsdal. The red painted lighthouse Ona Fyr (1867) is placed on the island’s highest point, Onakalven, where it towers 15 metres above your feet. Get the feeling of freedom when you stand at the top of the lighthouse and soak up the immense view of the horizon and the mainland. 


In 2016, an impressive stone staircase was laid at record speed up to Digergubben (527 masl), in Midsund just outside Molde. In October 2017, the Sherpas completed Norway’s largest coherent stone staircase, with as many as 2,200 steps, up to the popular mountain peak Rørsethornet. This mountain hike, in the borderline between the fjord, the sky and the ocean, is a unique experience. Here you will also receive a bonus, namely the stair construction, an attraction that is fascinating in itself.

Collect new memories in the archipelago of Romsdal