The trip from Aksla and on to Akslahornet (411 masl) follows a path that is steep and airy, and you will find a small "via ferrata" with chains and stepping stones in the airiest places. From the top of Akslahornet you can continue on the path to Digergubben and the hammock park.

The stones used in building the stairs are found at various local mountains. The stairs will protect the ground from wear and tear, as the path is a populare mountain to hike. Sherpas from Nepal have built the stairs which is an impressive piece of work.

For further route descriptions see the English edition of: De beste turene i Midsund

Learn about the Midsund stairs

The Midsund stairs consist of four hiking trails where parts of the trails are facilitated with stone steps by Sherpas from Nepal - an impressive work is a visit worhty. In addition you get a fantastic view to the mountains, fjord and sea.

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Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)
Total ascent:
  • 101m
  • 3km
  • Short (0.5-3h)

Where is Midsundtrappene - Aksla and Akslahornet?