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The hike from Aksla to Akslahornet (411 meters above sea level) follows a trail that is steep and airy, including a small 'via ferrata' with chains and iron steps at the most exposed places. From the top of Akslahornet, you can continue on the path to Digergubben and the hammock park.

The stones for the stairs were sourced from local mountains and protect the terrain from wear in a sustainable manner. They were all constructed by Sherpas from Nepal, representing an impressive work that will bring joy for hundreds of years. The Midsund Stairs at Aksla were built in 2018 at the initiative of Midsund IL.

Hiking description

From the parking lot at Midsundhallen, turn left on the pedestrian path on the lower side of the county road. Walk about 800 meters along the path before crossing the main road and taking the trail towards the stairs leading up to Aksla. The stairs are naturally integrated into the terrain, with varying gradients and a total elevation gain of 110 meters.

From Aksla, it's also possible to continue to Akslahorn and on to Digergubben and down to Midsund center. The route over Akslahorn to Digergubben is more challenging, traversing mountain ledges secured with chains and iron steps. It's not recommended to take small children or dogs on this hike.

Notes regarding cycling in the Sherpa stairs

Cycling is not recommended in the Sherpa stairs. The stairs are not designed for this type of use and stress load. Stones can loosen and cause dangerous situations for people using the stairs.

Dedicated volunteers have contributed to making the mountain accessible with Sherpa stairs. They want the stairs to be used for hiking and not activities that can lead to repair work. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Take the ferry from Mordalsvågen to Solholmen. Then, drive right for about 19 km to Midsundhallen, where free parking is available.

For further route descriptions see the English edition of: De beste turene i Midsund

Learn about the Midsund stairs

The Midsund stairs consist of four hiking trails where parts of the trails are facilitated with stone steps by Sherpas from Nepal - an impressive work is a visit worhty. In addition you get a fantastic view to the mountains, fjord and sea.

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Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)
Total ascent:
  • 101m
  • 3km
  • Short (0.5-3h)

Where is Midsundtrappene - Hiking Aksla and Akslahornet?