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At only 524 meters above sea level, the top of Bløkallen rewards you with a splendid panorama of the sea, islands, fjords, and mountains after a two-hour hike. You can see the whole archipelago, including Otrøya stretching towards the mainland, Gossen, Harøya, and numerous islets and reefs.

Hiking Description

The well-defined trail leads through a birch forest, initially turning right and then looping back. At about 160 meters above sea level, you'll reach a large pine tree where the path splits. Take the left towards Bløvatnet and continue upwards. Soon, you'll reach another junction marked with a faded sign. Stay left, ascending the slope. You'll reach a plateau called Høgfjellet, with the beautiful Bløvatnet to your right. The top section of Bløkallen is visible from here, with three different routes leading to the summit. Choosing different paths up and down offers a diverse hiking experience.

The first option is the left and northernmost ridge, known as "the knee." This route is steep with some climbing required. Ropes are installed in the steepest sections. It's not suitable for small children and dogs. Once past the climbing sections, you'll find the path leading to the top.

The second option involves climbing up the middle of the top section, following a grassy slope to the left. The path here is faint, but the terrain is easy to navigate. Upon reaching the edge, the trail to the top becomes clearer.

The third and longest but easiest route follows the right/southern ridge of Bløkallen. The trail is initially less visible, but it's an easy and scenic walk, passing between Bløkallen and Bløvatnet. The path runs along the water's edge, offering idyllic spots for rest. Towards the lake's end, the trail turns slightly left, ascending before leading to a distinct path climbing the gorges to the top.

The first half of the trail to Bløkallen consists of beautiful stone stairs, and the latter part is a regular path. You can also opt for an exciting round trip by descending a steep cliff with chains and iron rungs for support.

For more detailed hiking descriptions, refer to the book "De beste turene i Midsund."

Season and Equipment

The trail is suitable for spring, summer, or autumn, as the steep sections can be slippery. Proper footwear and weather-appropriate clothing are essential. Ropes are installed to assist most hikers. Consider the route and the suitability of your companions before embarking.

Driving Directions and Parking

Take the ferry from Mordalsvågen to Solholmen. Drive right to Midsund, then follow signs towards Brattvåg/Dryna. Cross the bridge to Midøya and turn right at the first intersection. After about a kilometer, the parking area is on the left side of the road, with additional parking available further ahead.

About the Midsund Stairs

The Midsund Stairs comprise four hiking trails, parts of which are equipped with stone stairs by Sherpas from Nepal – a lasting work that will bring joy for centuries. The stairs themselves are worth the hike, along with the magnificent views they offer.

  • Rørsethornet (659 masl) – Norway's longest continuous stone staircase with 2200 steps
  • Digergubben (527 masl) and Midsundhornet (483 masl)
  • Bløkallen (522 masl) – perhaps the finest trail along the old Kløvstien
  • Aksla (110 masl) and Akslahornet (411 masl) – the shortest trail to the Aksla viewpoint, more challenging towards Akslahornet.
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Total ascent:
  • 515m
Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
  • 7.8km
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Autumn
Guide available:

Where is Hike Midsundtrappene - Bløkallen?