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The Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren stretches along a large section of the Jæren coast, from Flekkefjord to Borre. The longest sandy beaches in Norway can be found in this area: 70 km stretches of sand dunes with unique flora and fauna. The flat beaches are perfect for lovely walks, and the whole of the long coastline can be explored on foot. Jæren is one of Norway's foremost agricultural areas, with a long growing season and a varied and long-established livestock industry. There are thousands of known ancient monuments in the area, the oldest dating back some 8,000 years, from the Stone Age. There are also a number of burial mounds in the area that are up to 3000 years old.

  1. Flekkefjord
  2. Jøssingfjorden
  3. Sogndalstrand
  4. Egersund
  5. Nasjonal turistveg Jæren
  6. Jærstrendene
  7. Bryne

Flekkefjord Jøssingfjorden Sogndalstrand

41 km55 min
Duration: 1 day

The trip starts at Flekkefjord, the start of the Norwegian Scenic Route. Before departure, why not have a go at velocipede trolley cycling along the Flekkefjordbanen railway, itself a cultural monument, and check out the street art in the town centre?

After your escapades, start driving towards the Jøssingfjord, where you’ll find Helleren: a mountain that forms a natural roof over two small houses that date from the 19th century. Dalane Folkemuseum owns and is responsible for the houses. There has probably been a permanent settlement under Helleren since the 16th century.

The brand-new science museum at the Jøssingfjord is well worth a visit. It focuses on the connection between geology and mining and is the only museum of its kind in Norway.

The next stop is Sogndalstrand, which is an excellent place to spend the night. Sogndalstrand is the only village in Norway where both the wooden buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, and the surrounding cultural landscape, are listed and protected by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage. Spend the night at Sogndalstrand kulturhotell – a special hotel made up of 11 different houses in Sogndalstrand.

The areas around the Jøssingfjord and the village of Sogndalstrand are part of the Magma UNESCO Global Geopark. The geopark extends over five municipalities and was granted UNESCO status on account of the special type of rock that is only found in such large quantities here – and on the moon.


Egersund Nasjonal turistveg Jæren Jærstrendene Bryne

100 km1 h 55 min
Duration: 2 days

After breakfast, head towards Egersund – a lovely town with historic wooden buildings, a nice city centre with many niche shops, tasty restaurants and cafes, and a rich cultural life. Enjoy a coffee and take a stroll around the streets before driving to Ogna.

Ogna has been attracting artists for over 100 years, and artists still have their studios and hold exhibitions at Ogna. Kitty Kielland was the first artist to come to Ogna, and her painting ‘Fra Ogna’ gave her public recognition for the first time, in Paris. Later came Eilif Peterssen, Fritz Thaulow and Harriet Backer. Close to the ocean in the area around Ogna, in a belt about 300 metres from the sea, a number of settlements from the Stone Age have been registered. The beach in Ogna is a hidden gem and is a wonderful place for a stroll.

From Ogna, continue driving along the Norwegian Scenic Route to Hå Old Vicarage. There is an art and culture centre in the restored and extended Vicarage, which is internationally renowned for its contemporary art and cultural history exhibitions. There is also an art shop and café where you can have lunch. (Remember to check the opening times). Next to the Vicarage is a burial ground that dates from the Iron Age. Hå Old Vicarage is a good starting point for a walk along the shoreline, whether you walk south on Kongevegen – the Royal road or north towards Orre.

The next stop is Bryne, where you can check into hotels such as Bryne Kro & Hotel or Hotell Jæren, relax and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Just 20 minutes from Bryne is Orrestranden, a beach that’s about three kilometres long and that has been awarded blue flag status. At Klepp you will find some of Norway's longest and finest beaches. Orrestranden is immensely popular on hot summer days, but people use the beach and coast regardless of the time of year, whether for surfing or just walking along the sand.

It's also home to Friluftshuset recreation centre, which sells food, and there are also toilet facilities and parking for cars and bikes.

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