Nesflaten is situated on the northern shore of Suldalsvatnet lake. The Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke, Rv. 13, passes through the village, which consists of 80 spread-out houses. There is a grocery shop, café and a traditional "lefse" bakery, a hotel, chapel, school and daycare centre.

Nesflaten is also home to the offices of Hydro's hydroelectric facilities in Røldal-Suldal. Those facilities were built in the 1960s and designed by Geir Grung, the architect who also drew the functionalistic housing develepmont established at the same time. The hydropower station and the workers' dwellings are some of the finest and best-preserved examples of Norwegian functionalism. 

At Nesflaten you have to visit Energihotellet. The hotel enjoys a beautiful southern view that comprises Suldalsvatnet lake and the village of Nesflaten. The hosts and staff do their utmost so that you can enjoy good dining on local fare, explore the colourful culture of Ryfylke, and learn the fascinating early chapters of the history of hydroelectric power production in Suldal. The peaceful scenery nearby offers rewarding adventures every season of the year!

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