Surnadal Museum - on RV 670 between Surnadal and Kvanne, on the Åsen farm, 5 km from Skei in the direction of Kvanne ferry landing. Smoke house from Torvika. Dwelling house, croft, two storehouses on pillars, cookhouse, mithy, barn. Theme exhibition on arts and crafts. The farm was used to provide lodgings for military personnel, then it was a posting station from the 1600s to 1911, and finally a council-run retirement home 1911-73. A rock with carvings that are several thousand years old has been moved here from Surnadalsfjorden. The museum works closely with local organizations in connection with theme events.


  • Østbødalsvegen 53
  • 6650 SURNADAL
91 39 94 52

Where is Åsen Museum?