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In 2019, Atlanterhavsparken was granted the status as Norway's first marine science centre by the Norwegian government. The first construction phase was completed in the winter of 2020 against what will be ready in the autumn of 2021.

Major changes will happen at Atlanterhavsparken. Some parts will disappear, and new elements will see the light of day – just as we have been working on through today.

Norway's first marine science centre will be established in Ålesund – the Norwegian Fishing Capital

A marine science centre with living fish and water, in an ultimate location placed beautifully in the middle of the food supply, will contribute to an increased knowledge for all of us. There is still so much we do not know about the sea, and knowledge will become increasingly important for the future. Norway is one of the most important seafood nations in the world and has sea areas more than six times the size of its land territories.

Atlanterhavsparken is now making a huge step forward in becoming Norway's best marine showcase – stay tuned!

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The Atlanterhavsparken is one of the most particular Aquariums in Europe. The Aquarium is built into the coastal landscape at Tueneset, the coastline west in Ålesund. Study the large landscape tanks that unfiltrted shows life in sea along the Norwegian coast and in the Atlantic Ocean. This is the Norwegian Aquarium.

Through the day there are several activities, check the activityprogram. And try picking up a Starfish or fish some crab in the Activityroom.

The Aquarium has a spectacular outdoor area with a view directly to the Atlantic Ocean. In the spacious outdoor area there is a separate penguin park. The penguins is fed every day at 14.30. There is also a popular Waterplaypark and a gigantic Octopus sculpture, perfect for the children to play in.The newest attraction is the Sealbay with an underwater observatory that shows the seals life in a spectacular way. The Harbour Seals has the perfect home in Europe`s biggest sealpool. Almost six thousand squaremeter and fifteen million liters of fresh saltwater gives them the feeling of the real wild life, but still with free meals. Every day at 15.00 the feedingshow for the Seals takes place.

The aquarium has a cosy café perfect for lunch, coffee or cake while you enjoy the exciting view. In the souvenir shop you'll find lots of items you can bring home as a memory of The Atlanterhavsparken. Activity schedule 10:00           Aquarium opens (01.06 - 31.08) 11:00           Aquarium opens (01.09 - 31.05) 11:30-12:30 Open activity room with touch-pool and crab fishing (sat/sun                     + summer) 13:30-14:30 Open activity room with touch-pool and crab fishing 14:00           Feeding at the outdoor Otter park 14:30           Feeding at the outdoor penguin park 15:00           Feeding of the Harbour Seals in the Sealbay 16:00           The Aquarium closes on monday - friday winter and saturday 16:00-17:00 Open activity room with crab fishing (Sundays + summer) 18:00           Closing time for the aquarium Sunday(and summer except                     Saturdays) 

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1. juni - 31. august (summer season)


1. september - 31. mai (winter season)



NOK 225
Children 3-15 (0-2 for free):
NOK 100


  • Tueneset
  • 6006 ÅLESUND
70 10 70 60


Souvenirs/gift shop:
Play area for children:

Where is The Atlantic Ocean Park in Ålesund?