Auga, a wood-fired barrel sauna with space for up to 8 people. The sauna is fired up by our sauna master with local wood. We offer drop-in times and group bookings. Our barrel sauna is located by the fjord, Grandane in Lærdal, Vestland.

Auga is a Roman-inspired bathing complex (balneae) for sauna and fjord bathing. Our vision has been to use driftwood (driftwood) and solar panels to give locals and visitors a unique and down-to-earth nature experience. Our philosophy is to create open dialogue between people from different backgrounds as a counter-reaction to polarisation.

Auga means "eye" in the local dialect, the reason for this being the unique perspective the sauna provides.

How do you get to AUGA:

You can get to Auga via national highway 5 from Sogndal, Fondes, Årdal. Or by driving off the E16 down towards the center of Lærdal before the Lærdal Tunnel. The same applies when you come from Bergen. Or via Fv 243 Fjellvegen between Aurland - Lærdal.

Auga is located at the end of Grandane road between Lærdal Holiday and Leisure Park and Motorikpark.


  • Grandane
  • 6887 Lærdal

Where is Auga - Sauna in Lærdal?