Bakkejekta is a replica of the oldest preserved boat in Norway, from about 1750. The boat is rigged just as the Viking ships were a thousand years ago. Bakkejekta is the only one left of the hundreds that have been in Sunnfjord, and probably the oldest boat in the country besides the Viking ships.  You can book Bakkejekta for a twilight trip over the beautiful waters of the Dalsfjord. As the boat sails, you can hear stories of how life was on the banks of the fjord when the only means of access was by boat, in the golden era of the sloop. You will also hear stories of Ingolfur Arnarson. He was from Rivedal and was the first person to settle on Iceland. The Icelandic government has erected a monument in Rivedal to the man who they believe founded their nation. You will find a identical monument at Island as well. 



  • Jensbua
  • 6963 Dale i Sunnfjord
57 74 30 00


  • Autumn
  • Summer

Where is Bakkejekta?

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