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The sapphire blue light, formations and patterns in the ice are so seductively beautiful and unique that it is seen by many as an out of this world experience.

The phenomenon must be experienced with guides who know the conditions on, in and around the glacier.

The trip back and forth to the glacier is easy in itself, but there is a total of 13 kilometers to walk in one day. You use either skis, mountain shoes or snowshoes on the trip, there are no steep slopes, but it is considered a day trip in the winter mountains.

Facts about the trip:

You have to allow plenty of time and it is a full day trip.

It is absolutely best to stay at least one night at the Jostedal Hotel as the tour starts early in the morning. At the hotel you can buy lunch for the trip and fill up your thermos.

It is at the hotel that you meet the experienced glacierguide who will conduct the tour.

The trip to the glacier is in relatively easy hiking terrain, but you walk in snow, on snowshoes or skis.

The trip is 6,5 km each way where you cross the Nigards lake before starting the short climb up to the edge of the glacier. The guide knows where the best and safest ice caves are.

The tour is best suited for children above 12 years of age, and one should be in normal good physical shape.

You stay with a local qualified and professional guide who, knows the area, the conditions and the safe caves under the glacier. They will also share history and facts about Jostedalsbreen glacier.

You must be dressed for winter conditions. (Good warm shoes, windproof trousers and jacket, hat, mittens and preferably woolen inside. If you have a warm down jacket with you, you are safe.

And don't forget your camera!

Consider a small daypack (20-30 ltr) Thermos with a hot beverage will soon warm you up on cold days.


Price for trip only is NOK 1,200 per person and includes snowshoes and other necessary equipment. (NB: Minimum price is NOK 3,600 if there are less than 4 people) The prices are for the winter 2023 season.

NB: Photos and films on websites and in other publications are from previous trips. The glacier is in constant motion and the blue ice caves are constantly changing, so no season is the same both on and under the glacier. But the blue light is the same.

Welcome to a world of adventure under the blue ice.

To a world you had no idea existed.

To a world so indescribably beautiful that it most likely takes your breath away.

For a world so extraterrestrial.

But at the same time so extremely earthly.

To a world under a thousand years old ice, under the largest glacier on mainland Europe.

To a sapphire blue ice cave so unlike anything else.

Welcome to Jostedalen Glacier!

Welcome to a journey under the blue ice.


Booking and more information:

Telephone: (+47) 57 68 31 19 (+47) 992 25 049


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Where is Blue-ice caves, Nigardsbreen Glacier?