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Don't worry about your comfort on this adventure: you will be given thermally isolated flotation suits, for warmth and safety, and goggles before entering the boat. Our zodiacs are the safest, most comfortable and fastest available. Nothing beats this experience in terms of excitement in the rugged Nordic open sea.

Our RIBS are available to go out to the open sea to look for wildlife in the outer islands, or delve deep in to the fjords to explore the most secluded fjord farms, waterfalls and spectacular mountain peaks. The safari will also pass some of the small communities along the coastline. Start in Ålesund. Remember to bring your binoculars and camera! Participants must be above 140 cm tall.

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NOK 800


  • Skansekaia
  • 6002 ÅLESUND
+47 70 11 44 30

Where is Deap Sea Rafting from Ålesund?