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Challenge yourself with the help of our eBIKES to climb the historic and famous Geiranger Road (FV 63) with the unique scenery of the Geiranger World Heritage area as a backdrop. After 1500m of eBike fun you will come to the summit of Mt Dalsnibba / Skywalk platform. Here you can look down over the majestic Geiranger fjord and the road you have just cycled up. This is an excellent chance for you to see the best highlights that nature has to offer in this spectacular area. Included: ebike, helmet, vest Period June to October Total Return Distance: 42km Tour Level: Long trip Duration: Allow 3 hours up and an hour for the descent Price:   Adult: 470,- NOK (4 hour ebike rental)

This trip requires you to manage your battery reserves.  If you are cycling towards Dalsnibba with maximum power on the electric motor, you will be running short of battery capacity before you reach the top. We recommend you can set less power on the motor assistance level especially on the flatter sections of the road. This means you will be pushing a little more on the pedals. It is also important to use an easy gear so that the motor has a chance to work most efficiently.

Guided tour option available on request for extra fee.


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Where is E- bike tour to Mt Dalsnibba in Geiranger?