Egersund is a cosy town with historic wooden houses, beautiful centre with many niche shops, tasty restaurants and cafes and rich cultural life. You can experience the varied and diverse nature on trips to forests, fields and mountains. The beautiful coast is a wonderful experience both by boat and on foot.

Experience wooden houses in the centre of Egersund

Egersund city has one of the best preserved wooden houses in Norway. Large parts of the urban area are now regulated as historical special areas. Many fine examples of wooden houses can be found in the street Strandgaten, which was previously the city's main street. It was created after a regulation in 1843 when a large fire left several buildings in ashes. During the reconstruction, the outer district had straight streets in a smooth grid pattern.

Haugen - Egersund's "medieval town" - is also worth a visit. Although the buildings throughout the ages have probably undergone constant changes, the sites are the same as when the area was developed, probably in the period 1750-1800. The area has grown by itself, developed based on needs and use, not according to any city plan. Here were homes, workshops, barns and stables in beautiful union. The area was strongly threatened by demolition in the late 70's, but now appears in a rehabilitated form with shops, inns, etc.

Today, there are small specialty shops side by side in cosy pedestrian streets. You can walk on your own among up to 160-year-old wooden houses using the city walking brochure or use your mobile as a guide: download the app 'Magma Geopark' and take the trip Strolling in Egersund (Norwegian and English). Also, try the new cultural trail with city history signs - a route with 14 signs in the middle of the old wooden houses. The cultural trail is suitable for everyone who wants a cosy walk at the same time as they get a little better acquainted with Egersund centre. End the trip by going up to Varberg and the rock carvings. After a city walk, you can visit the Faience Museum.

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Where is Egersund town centre?