Only five minutes from the town centre, you can explore Bergen in a remarkable way, with Øvre-Eide Farm's unique horse riding tours in the scenic mountains surrounding the city. Our four horses, Tia, Rosa, Rinja and Feline are classic Norwegian breeds, and ready to take you on an unforgettable trip, where you can enjoy magnificent views from places such as Mount Fløyen.

This is an amazing opportunity to see another side of Bergen, hidden from the typical tourist traps. You will experience tranquil nature; brooks, lakes, forests and fresh mountain air!

INFORMATION The tour starts at the farm, where you meet the horses and your guide. We welcome you to help groom and saddle the horses before the trip, but this is of course optional. We ride up the hills of the valley for up to five hours if you would like to go all the way to Mount Fløyen. Our most popular tour is the two-hour trip to "Sandviksbatteriet" where you can view the harbor of Bergen and the archipelago.

CONDITIONS This is a guided tour for advanced riders, but we welcome beginners to ride with an extra guide leading the horse for an additional cost. All participants must wear a helmet. Renting a helmet is included in the price. The weight limit for riding is 80 kilos for the Fjord Horses, and 100 kilos for the Doel Horses. The maximum number of participants are four people.

PRICES INCLUDING VAT Horse rental per hour NOK 800 Minimum price (if only one person): NOK 1600 Additional guide per hour NOK 400  

Source: Visit Bergen
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