Starting point Sætveit, 1 km south of Jondal centre.

About the trail The trail starts with a 1,000 meters ascent without any flat part towards Vikanuten. The first part goes through a forest with old spruce. The views from the top are quite amazing. When continuing towards Fjellstøl, the landscape is open and mountainous with some small lakes. Fjellstøl is an old summer pasture farm with several small farmhouses. The path returning to Sætveit is well maintained. Choose a day with nice weather for this hike. If the weather is not so nice, just hike directly up to Fjellstøl and down the same way.

Parking: At Sætveit, maximum 5 cars. Parking fee: free Length: 8 km Total ascent: 1,000 meters Total walking time: 5 hours Season (average year): June - October


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Where is Fjellstøl and Mt Vikanuten?