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The Fjordstova is located idyllically down by the fjord, in Skjolden, innermost in the Sognefjord. In the Fjordstova you will find : -tourist info - post office - cafè - handicraft shop -public library -conference auditorium -gym - a 12 m. high climbing wall -swimming pool - sauna -shooting range.

SWIMMINGPOOL: 12,5 m x 6 m in size, as well as a pool for children. Depth 1,5 meter. 28 degrees Celsius in water, 30 in the air. Wardrobes and toilets. Children of 10 years old and below this age must always be accompanied by grown-ups. We do not have a life guard. Buy tickets in the cafè, day or for all year. Always open when the cafè is open. The guests in Skjolden Hotel have free usage of the pool all day by using a key provided by the hotel staff.

CLIMBING WALL:12 meters high, 7 squares. Rental of harness and rope. Knowledge about safety is needed from one in the group.

SHOOTING RANGE: 25 meter, pistol and rifle, caliber 22. Rental through agreement with the local shooting association/pistol club.

FITNESS STUDIO: Fitness room with different exercisers. Buy year card with a key deposit in the cafè.


  • Skjolden
  • 6876 Skjolden


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  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer

Where is Fjordstova Centre, Skjolden?