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Flåm Zipline is the longest Zip line in the Nordic region, 1381m long. The Zip line starts at Vatnahalsen, just off the Bergen railway. 

It ends up in Kårdalen, close to The Rallarrosa Mountain Farm, most up in the Flåm valley. You can rent a bike in Kårdalen and bike down to Flåm in beautiful nature. 

The construction and starting year is 2018.

Practical information:

Minimum weight 25kg

Maximum weight 140kg

Not allowed to be intoxicated

Health: If you are pregnant, have back-, neck-, heart-, lung problems, epilepsy or other conditions that may lead to seizures, you must consider whether it is safe to take the Zip Line

In case of bad weather, the Zip Line can be shut down for safety reasons

Bikes and larger luggage can be sent down by the elevator

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NOK 550


  • Rallarvegen
  • 5718 Myrdal

Where is Flåm Zipline?