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Take off from Fv. 604 towards Jostedalen right after the tunnel in Gardsjølet, after you have passed Fossøy/Sperle. By the first intersection, you take to the left totwards Gardshaug. Contact the land owner for car parking. 

The path is well-kept and marked.

After crossing Liadøla, the slope is a bit steep up to Sperlestølen. Here there is 3 farms with cows and sheeps. Sperlestølen is about 568 meters above sea level. If this is your final destination, it is a hike for about 2 hours and 3 km.

The path from Sperlestølen towards Vassdalsvatnet is not too steep.


  • Gardshaug, Jostedal
  • 6871 Jostedal


Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)

Where is Gardshaugen - Sperlestølen - Vassdalen?