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It's thought that there has been a church in Geiranger from about 1450. A church was first mentioned in Tjondhjems Reformats from 1589. The church was not a pure stave church, the extended chancel and armoury were in round timber. The church was demolished in 1742, and a new cruciform church was built 1744. The cruciform church was decorated inside with rose-painting. The church was set fire to in 1841 and burned to the ground.

The present church is the third we know of on the same site. The church was decorated by the wood carver Einar Flydal on the basis of designs produced by the artist Per Vigeland. The work was done during 1938-1945. Décor encompasses the alter board, alter frontispiece, pulpit, chancel rails and hymn board. The wood carvings were painted by Lars Tynes, Sykkylven, Karl Gjere and Nils Bjørdal, both from Geiranger. The alter painting was done by conservator Harald Brun from the National Gallery in 1902, and features Christ the Comforter. The church bell dates from 1899. An organ was installed in 1906, but was replaced in 1964.

(Source: Ørstavik, Ragnar: Geiranger kyrkje. 1973, Kulturnett)

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Where is Geiranger Church?