Helgøybakkane Fruktgard is located on the small island Helgøy in Årdalsfjorden in Ryfylke. The soil on the roadless island is perfect for growing apples, pears, plums and cherries.

Around 35.000 fruit trees have been planted according to the modern dense planting principle. The main season is from the flowering in May until the last apples are harvested in late October.

Helgøybakkane Fruktgard arranges special gatherings for both families and firms. As an example, you can start the gathering with a boat trip through the Ryfylke Islands, and when you go ashore on Helgøy you get a tour on the island and get to taste the juice and fruit. From the modern service building you can enjoy the atmosphere and the view of the fruit trees and the Fisterfjord.

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  • Helgøy
  • 4167 Helgøy i Ryfylke
419 28 153

Where is Helgøybakkane Fruktgard on Helgøy?