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The church has gothic details in windows and portals. Its presumed year of building is 1250, making this church around 100 years younger than other local churches from the Middle Ages. Hesby church is located on the former farm Hesby, and most likely the owner of this farm paid for the build. The church is first heard of in a diploma from 1309. According Lokalhistoriewiki, the gothical features around the windows may have been added at a later date, and the windows could therefore originally have been square. In an article in Stavanger Aftenblad from 20 years ago, it was suggested that the church could be older than 1250, and perhaps built already in the 1000s.  Hesby church had a new pulpit in 1623. It is carved by Lauritz Snikker and painted by Peter Reimers. Most of the interior from the Middle Ages is gone, however an altar table in stone remains as well as the remainings of a baptismal font in stone. The church had a new armory on its westside and the main entrance was moved there in 1871. A gallery and choir arch were both built new in neo-gothic style. At the westside of the building, one can spot binding stone, suggesting that the church once had a tower.  In the period from 1959-1961, the church was renovated and had a new sacristy, pews, altar ring, electrical heating as well as new chandeliers. Frøydis Haavardsholm made the glass painting for the trinity window in the choir. 


  • Hesbyvegen 57
  • 4160 Finnøy


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Where is Hesby kyrkje (church)?