The hike up to Vidasethovden is an unique experience! At the top, one of the country's most fantastic views is awaiting you: The Sognefjord in it's whole magnificence, surrounded by mountains and small villages!

Route: Lunde - Vidasethovden - Lunde
Total hiking time: 4-6 hours
Total length: 9 km
Elevation asl./gradient: From 400 m to 1227 m

Car: drive via Vik to Feios and up to the farm Lunde. Parking and turn-around at timber yard a bit further up the road.
Bus: between Vik and Feios (route 14-181) three times a week in addition to the daily school route (not running in school holidays). Further information:

Accommodation: Many choices in Fresvik, Vangsnes or Vik, see

The track starts in coniferous forest, the first part being rather steep. Later on, deciduous forest and heather take over and on the way up to the tree line the path follows sputtering mountain creeks with a rich birdlife. At approximately 800 m asl., the mountain summer farm Vidasete is reached. The last part to the top of Vidasethovden, 1227 m asl. is a bit steeper again.
The view from the top is amazing: The Jotunheimen mountain area in the east and the fjordarms towards Årdal and Lærdal. In clear weather, one can see the mountain top Sogneoksen by the coast. Looking down, Vangsnes, Leikanger and Balestrand can clearly be seen.

Every year in July, this hike is done as an uphill race by professionals and amateurs, the fastest making it to the top in 34 minutes! The day is celebrated with a public festival in Lunde where locally produced food is sold. More information and accurate date, see

Instead of going down the same way, the hike can also be continued via Ramnaberg and Borlaug. Those unfamiliar with the area should do this day trip with a local guide.

Be prepared for all kinds of weather and never go hiking alone!

Guided tours:
Contact the local sports club Feios Idrettslag, Tel +47 97 03 08 95 Haakon Vangsnes or tel +47 97 18 02 07 Gunnar Grindedal

Printed maps:
Hiking Map 1:50.000 Vik Municipality
Topographic map: 1:50.000 1317 II Hermansverk

Closest Tourist Office:
Vik Tourist Information, Tel. +47 57 69 56 86,


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