It makes an amazing contrast to the naked rocks by the ocean, just a few hundred meters away. The area, which is so near the centre of the town, offers possibilities for many outdoor activities.

Kringsjå is idyllic hiking trails in the center of Kristiansund. The area has exceptionally rich and varied vegetation and is a unique botanical coastal garden. The contrast to bare sea shores just a few hundred meters away is striking. The area is partly hilly and has several views along the paths with benches and playgrounds. You can go short tours, for example. around the water ponds or longer trips all the way to the sea and the area Klubba which is a popular area for fishing and grilling.

Vanndamman served as a drinking water pool for Kristiansund until 1979 but is now a recreation area. In one of the pounds, you may visit ducks, swans and peacocks. Here it is popular for families to come to give the birds food, play at the playground or go to the cafe 


  • Vanndammen
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Where is Kringsjå/Vanndammene - hiking?