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In Lustrabadet you will find activities and attractions for both young and grown. A 25 meter long pool with six swimming lanes, with a 5 meter tall jumping tower almost touching the roof.

If you dare, you can jump from 1, 3 and 5 meters. On top you will find the entrance for our 65 meter long slide which measures your time from start to end. There is also a climbing wall, a short and faster slide and children and baby pools with air bubbles, a fountain and a slide.

There is also warm pools with air and water-massage, "The Cave" which is a dark room with beautiful lighting and warm water. Last but not least, take a sit outside in our large Jacuzzi with a view towards the mountain "Hest". For the brave, we recommend a jump in our 10 degree Celsius pool… but hurry back in the Jacuzzi!


  • Øyagata 7B
  • 6868 Gaupne
57 68 56 80

Where is Lustrabadet?