Midgardsormen originated as a large mutual project, where organizations, Klepp and Time municipalities, the business community and private individuals came together to achieve something good for the whole area.

Brynes Vel took the initiative to build this bridge over the lake Frøylandsvatnet. The goal was to make Frøylandsvatnet as a hiking area even more accessible, increase the use of the area and to give it an attraction in form of a beautiful construction. The bridge goes from Lalandsholmen to the forest Njåskogen. During the planning process, bird life in the water has been taken into account.

The architects, Thorir Helgason and Torunn Tunset in Asplan Viak, have emphasized that the bridge slides into the landscape and the beautiful nature in the area. It is very nice to look at. The architects spent two days in the area to gather inspiration before drawing the bridge. It is 2 meters wide and 230 meters long.

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  • Frøylandsvatnet
  • 4340 BRYNE
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